Love, more! To be a warm enterprise, start with employee care.

Someone once said: if you want to know someone, listen to the songs he has heard. There are his real colors. If you want to know someone, go to his circle of friends, where there is his second business card. If you want to know a company, look at its corporate culture and employee care. The good and bad may make a difference between you and me.

Xiamen aiduo Supply Chain Management Co., Ltd. helps enterprises build a warm organization through collaborative innovation, personalized customization, accurate service and win-win cooperation. The main purpose of employee care is to improve employees' work enthusiasm, work passion, sense of identity and sense of belonging. Care should be "distracted" in order to better empower employees, make employees in the company and focus on the company, and work together in the same boat, realize the strategy and achieve the vision.

Employee care is also known as the employee assistance program. It is a systematic and long-term welfare and support project set up by the enterprise for employees. Enhance the work enthusiasm and initiative of employees, so as to turn the work performance into the benefits of the company and realize the win-win development of individuals and enterprises. Proper material satisfaction is the most basic level.

It aims to reduce the workload of the enterprise, enhance the work enthusiasm and initiative of employees, and breed aido supply chain. The purpose of the AI multi supply chain is to provide enterprises with more, faster, better and more comprehensive enterprise care. The AI supply chain is born for the concern of employees. Based on the Internet plus, we build an exclusive employee benefits elastic platform for the enterprises, providing one-stop solutions for welfare consultation, project planning, resource integration, commodity customization, operation services, logistics distribution and customer service. Focus on solving the needs of large and medium-sized enterprises and institutions, such as annual benefits, employee incentives, business gifts and so on.

Aido supply chain can customize care services related to corporate culture. According to the different needs of employees, accurately create a "one more degree" employee care cultural system. Enterprises have stable and competitive core resources, efficient and high-quality supply chain, provide employees with richer and more value-added products, promote enterprises to solve the problems of cross regional welfare distribution, difficult to adjust, poor employee perception and low cost performance, which will help enterprises improve efficiency, save costs, activate enterprise atmosphere, build enterprise culture and enhance enterprise image.

Aido supply chain focuses on the centralized purchase of enterprise welfare. Supply chain service providers include: egret piano, Dongling electric appliance, conbach, moffy, COFCO, apple, Daewoo, Beiding, Westinghouse, ruilaide, Li Ziqi, Haizhong royal banquet, liangpin shop, etc... aido's supply chain strictly selects products and has many cooperative brands. The products cover many aspects such as staff, work, food, clothing, housing, use, transportation and so on. It can provide employee care to major enterprises and give more care and better experience at a lower price.

More love, less indifference. More warmth and less care, life is actually very beautiful. Welfare is the soil of an enterprise and a soft culture. The effect of enterprise welfare on an enterprise is just like the care of human nature. It moistens things silently, but it can turn spring breeze into rain.

Love, more! To be a warm enterprise, start with employee care.
Every detail shows love.