About us

About us

Amoyido Supply Chain Management Co., Ltd.
Professional business & staff gifts.

Give more care and better experience at a lower price.
Personalized customization and precise service.
Collaborative innovation and win-win cooperation.
Every detail shows love.

More love, less indifference.
More warmth and less care, life is actually very beautiful.
Welfare is the soil of an enterprise and a soft culture.
The effect of enterprise welfare on an enterprise is just like the care of human nature. 
It moistens things silently, but it can turn spring breeze into rain.
Love, more!
To be a warm enterprise, start with employee care.

Amoyido Supply Chain,
Have stable and competitive core resources,
Long term service to government and enterprise units,
Provide one-stop solutions for welfare consultation, scheme planning, resource integration, commodity customization, operation and distribution and after-sales service to help enterprises build a warm organization.
More practical experience,
We are closer, more understanding and more brilliant!
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Company: Amoyido Supply Chain Management Co., Ltd.


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